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Welcome back to another tips article for Path of Exile. In this we will give you a tutorial which will help you know more about the acronyms you will see while join the group talks.

AoE - Area of Effect

Certain spells and attacks target an area instead of individual enemies. For example, Warcries only provide a buff to your allies if they're close enough to the caster.

HP - Hit Points

The life that your character has. In Path of Exile, your HP can come in multiple forms, including life and energy shield.

AD - Attack Damage

This is damage that a character deals. In Path of Exile, 'attacks' are specifically damage dealt with non-magical means. Any skill that uses a weapon or fists is considered an attack. Spells are not. The description text for each skill will specify whether it is an attack or a spell.

APS - Attacks Per Second

Your character has a certain attack speed, and will attack a certain number of times each second. Your APS is determined by your stats, items, skills, and a host of other factors. To check your APS, go to your character sheet.

BIS - Best in Slot

An item is a "BIS item" if it's the best possible item for maximizing the efficiency or power of your build.

DPS - Damage Per Second

This is the total damage that your character is capable of dealing in one second. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to calculate in Path of Exile, as the tooltip damage is often incorrect. External programs like Path of Building (more on that later) let you accurately calculate your DPS.

EHP - Effective Hit Points

This describes the total amount of damage your character is able to withstand before dying, factoring in all sources of damage mitigation. Your EHP is determined by your total life pool, energy shield, armor, and skills.

AFK - Away from Keyboard

This means exactly what it says, the person isn't there. You'll run into this a lot when you trade in Path of Exile. There's an automated response that lets people know that you are AFK when they contact you. This will happen very frequently.

IGN - In Game Name

This is a person's username. In Path of Exile, this typically refers to the name of a specific character, not their account. (You can have multiple characters on the same account.)

RIP - Rest in Pieces

In Path of Exile, this is typically used when someone dies or loses an expensive item.

WTS/WTB/WTT - Want To Sell, Want To Buy, Want To Trade

If you use the in-game trade channel, you'll see these terms a lot. These acronyms are usually followed by lists of items that the player is looking for.

Ex - Exalted Orb

This is one of the most expensive forms of trading currency in the game. Exalted Orbs are worth significantly more than a Chaos Orb.

C - Chaos Orbs

Chaos Orbs are the standard trading currency in Path of Exile.

Alc - Alchemy Orb

This is a form of trading currency. Alchemy Orbs are typically worth about a third of a Chaos Orb.

ES - Energy Shield

In Path of Exile, characters can choose to use life, energy shield, or a combination of the two. Shields "stack" on top of your life. Any damage you take will drain your energy shield first, but once your energy shield is depleted, any additional damage will start chipping away at your life.

HH - Headhunter

Headhunter is the most expensive piece of equipment in the game, on par with the most expensive Path of Exile currency.

LL - Low Life

Used to describe certain builds that rely on energy shield, but don't take Chaos Inoculation. Low Life builds preserve health with auras.

PoB - Path of Building

Path of Building is an external program that you can use to calculate damage. It is extremely efficient and most players use it.

CI - Chaos Inoculation

Chaos Inoculation is a node on the tree that changes your life total to 1, but you no longer take chaos damage. This is used for pure energy shield builds.

CWDT, CWC, CoC - Cast When Damage Taken, Cast While Channeling, Cast on Critical

These are skills that allow you to use an attached skill without activating it yourself. Their trigger is fairly clear from the names of each gem. CWDT is used in most builds to mitigate some incoming damage.

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