Nineteen Path Of Exile Tips For New Players

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Regarded as one of the best hack'n slashes of the moment, if not the best, Path of Exile connects the seasons and varies its content galore. Customization is almost limitless and if you want to make an archer shooting fireballs with his hands like a mage, you can. Hours and hours to slaughter monsters in perspective, enough to relax after a tiring day. What's more, Path of Exile is free. Here are some tips for new players.

1) Don't obsess over the speed others are clearing content, some prefer racing but there is no tangible reward except for bragging rights, just enjoy the ride.
2) Activate the default loot filter (or use a downloaded one like Neversink) in the options UI tab.
3) Plan out your skill tree early on, at least 60 points in advance so you don't REGRET it later on (hehe).
4) Collect all currency items like chaos orbs, fusing orbs, transmutation orbs, including scrolls of wisdom and portal scrolls.
5) Try not to use most of the currency items (except the most common ones like transmutation, alteration, alchemy orbs and low tier essences) since you can use these items to purchase much better items from players.
6) The most valuable currency items are: Mirror of Kalandra, Exalted orbs, Divine orbs, Gemcutter's prisms, Chaos orbs, Vaal orbs and Fusing orbs (descending order from most valuable).
7) Do NOT pick up white items just so you can trade them for wisdom fragments. It will take 4 white items to net you one scroll of wisdom. It is much more efficient to skip them and only pick up blue (and later on only rare) items to trade them for Transmutation/alteration orbs which you can trade for 4 wisdom scrolls each.
8) CTRL+ALT+CLICK links the item in chat.
9) Instances reset between 8 - 15 minutes, don't go afk for too long while your portal is up or it will close once the instance resets (It wont reset if you are inside it but then you are vulnerable to monsters that wander around).
10) CTRL+click on the next area will reset your instance if for any reason you want to regrind that area (can be used on waypoints as well).
11) Resistances are important! They get reduced after act 5 and after act 10, be sure to cap them if you can (75%), chaos resist is not that important, it is more of a luxury stat.
12) Take caution when lvling gems as all of them have a stat requirement! Sometimes you will acquire items that have dext, str or int on them, this will enable you to level most of your gems, but once you get rid of these items the gems will be useless!
13) Hardcore characters are not deleted but sent to standard so you can continue playing them.
14) If you want to craft a multi-link white item into a better rarity, FIRST apply blacksmiths whetstones/armorers scraps on the white item, THEN use a transmutation orb or an alchemy orb.
15) Hold alt while hovering over the item to check its item level (important for crafting later on or checking if you can make the chaos recipe with them).
16) RECIPES: Different-colored-3-LINKED-socket items can be sold to vendors for a chromatic orb, 6 socket items can be sold for 7 jewelers to vendors, a full set of rare items above item level 60 can be sold for a chaos orb or 2 chaos orbs if unidentified
17) If you're bleeding, try not to move! it makes it worse!
18) Try to have an "immune to bleeding" and an "immune to freeze" flask by the time you reach act 5, you can apply a transmutation orb on a white flask and hope for the best and if you didn't get what you wanted just reroll the stats with an alteration orb until you get it. Monsters with "Corrupting blood" apply bleed stacks when you hit them and "corrupted blood" apply bleed stacks when you kill them (red spheres will spin around you). These stacks also count as "bleeding" along with the classic bleed and are removed with "immune to bleed" flasks.
19) You can join other players if you visit the message boards in towns or if you just ask in chat.

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